Graceland wins Gold Medals in 2019/2020 Olympiads-Graceland grabs the Gold Medal in Physics Olympiad-Graceland grabs the Gold Medal in Junior Mathematics Olympiad-Graceland grabs the Gold Medal in Senior Mathematics Olympiad-Two Graceland Students won a Silver Medal-Happenings in the world robot Olympiad competition 2017-2017 CEMC (University of Waterloo, Canada) contests-The world of art-2017 International Olympiad Laurels-Graceland International School 2018 Inter-house Sports Ceremony. +234 803 232 4486

2017 CEMC (University of Waterloo, Canada) contests

Our maiden outing in this competition was eventful and monumental. In Euclid, a GIS students won “School Medal”. Six of Graceland students also distinguished themselves by bagging 6 Certificates of Distinction. In GAUSS 7, ten students also bagged Certificates of Distinction, while one of the students was outstandingly celebrated with a Certificate of Outstanding Performance. Similarly, in GAUSS 8, eleven students had Certificates of Distinction with one bagging Certificate of Outstanding Performance.

In all the levels, Euclid, GAUSS, Hypatia, Galois, and Fryer a total of 34 Certificates of Distinction were received with 2 Certificates o Outstanding Performance and 4 medals.

What a monumental new experience!

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